World Stage Redux at Harbourfront Centre

World Stage Redux at Harbourfront Centre

April 2017

Beginning on April 4 and running until April 22 at Harbourfront Centre, World Stage Redux will offer eight productions of leading contemporary theatre and dance.

From the fierce longing and love of Kyle Abraham’s The Radio Show, to the wondrous transformations of choreographic chameleon Kitt Johnson’s Rankefod, World Stage finds common ground in a wide range of formally diverse works. It reveals a conversation through artistic practice, starting with My Arm, the breakout solo of UK provocateur Tim Crouch, and continuing on to Philip McKee’s understated conversation with the lioness of Canadian theatre, Clare Coulter, in LEAR: A Retrospective. With Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry by Daniel Barrow, and Steer by William Yong, audiences will interact with the spectacular through both the analogue and the digital. Finally,  with the return of Yael Farber/Baxter Theatre Centre’s Mies Julie and Hotel Modern’s KAMP (CAMP), World Stage Redux reaffirms the power of the stage as monument, as a place of memory and forgetting.

Join Harbourfront Centre for a show or enjoy the festival experience by meeting the artists at a Saturday Night Social. You can also participate in pre-show teas and talk shows after the performance.

Welcome to World Stage Redux!

For more information, visit harbourfrontcentre.com

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