Miller Tavern – Seriously Cool in the Six

Miller Tavern – Seriously Cool in the Six

August 2017

Patio season is in full swing at the Miller Tavern on Bay Street.

There is nothing quite like sitting outside watching the busy world go by while enjoying a glass of wine. The perfect wine to enjoy on these summer days is a cool glass of Rosé from Southbrook Winery. It’s light and playful – exactly what a carefree Rosé should be!!

And speaking of cool, it pairs perfectly with Surfers Supper, a delicious seared salmon with aromatic rice, mixed vegetables, quinoa, bell peppers, shredded coconut, mango, onions and Asian style ‘Wu-Tang Slaw’.  This is one of their popular new additions to the summer menu.

And don’t forget, if wine isn’t your thing, they have creative cocktails and lots of cold beer!

Check them out at 31 Bay Street, at the corner of Harbour Street.

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