IntelliGO Networks is a dedicated team of CyberSecurity experts. Our advisory services provide a great way to introduce or optimize all aspects of your security program.

Penetration Testing: Evaluate your security posture and meet compliance regulations by performance a vulnerability scan and/or penetration test

CyberSecurity Solution Integration: Use our team of qualified experts to gain the most out of your technology investment by providing installation, optimization or managed services. We specialize in NAC, NGFW, SIEM and IAM.

Technology Gap Analysis: Audit your security tools such as Firewalls, SIEM or configuration on Directories and Networking Equipment with a gap analysis to determine the ideal configuration for your IT assets with respect to security. We specialize in hardening Active Directory, Network Equipment, Next Generation Firewalls, SIEM and IAM

Policy Creation & Analysis: Users require training and guidelines that inform them of safe processes to use during their work day. This service allows us to introduce policies that will protect you from a legal perspective as well as help users understand how to avoid unintended risks by providing a standard