Lace Up at The Bentway

Lace Up at The Bentway

November 2018

Winter skate season is coming up, and soon you’ll have another place to skate near the Waterfront. This January, The Bentway will open a 220-metre figure eight skating trail to the public.

The Bentway is a unique and innovative public space that will transform the area underneath Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway – from Strachan to Bathurst – into a new space, providing access to year-round activities and events.

Ice skating has been called the oldest human-powered means of transportation; skate artefacts have been found in Scandinavia and Russia going back 5000 years. The Bentway’s skating trail is a bit more modern than that. Using a refrigeration system, ice production becomes less weather dependant, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the trail all winter long.

Stay tuned for the official opening date and the winter skate season programming at www.thebentway.ca

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