7 Places to brunch on the waterfront

7 Places to brunch on the waterfront

Torontonians love brunch. It’s a thing, it’s a way of life.  Sunday mornings with friends, some version of an alcoholic beverage for some hair of the dog and of eggs or avo toast, to reminisce over the weekend we just had, has become the event we look forward to the most. So to help you make the million dollar question of “where should we go” easier, a list of places to brunch (with a view).

7 Mizzen

Two syllables – bu-ffet. No humming and hawing over what to order, you can get a little bit of everything. The breakfast-only restaurant in the Westin Harbour Castle has a vast selection of breakfast items as part of their buffet, but they also serve full entrees like classic eggs breakfast, eggs benny and challah bread french toast. There’s also an Eat Well menu for the clean eaters.

1 Harbour Square


6 Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

The iconic chinese food restaurant in Queens Quay Terminal has views of the lake that people awe over, but they also have one of the best dim sum brunches in the city (as reviewed by 2 guys on TripAdvisor).  Pearl Harbourfront has trolleys so you can choose from 60 different kinds of dim sum plates before you order them and get exactly what you’re craving.

200-207 Queens Quay West


5 Firkin on Harbour

Normally when you think of a Firkin Pub, it’s after work for drinks and pub food, but this fun, modern British Pub actually has brunch too (and surprisingly – plant-based options). With options like tater tot skillets, bangers, eggs and tots, breakfast tacos and plant-based burgers. It’s also a great place for accommodating larger parties.

10 Yonge Street


4 Miller Tavern

The staple at any good brunch is, of course, the cocktails. Miller Tavern is known for their classic cocktails in an american tavern-style ambiance, but their brunch cocktails are what make it fun. You can get mimosas and caesars, or kick it up a notch with bottomless for $30. You can even choose from brunch-ish cocktails like a New Orleans Fizz or a Cereal Milk White Russian (made with real cereal milk..mmmmm).

31 Bay Street


3 Joe Bird

One of the most vibrant places to brunch on the waterfront, Joe Bird is all fun and games (literally). In the summer, the patio is set up like a back yard with games and a bbq, in the winter, it’s bright inside with the glass wall over looking the lake and funky art murals and decorations to enjoy your food and drinks. And in both season, brunch that will heal the soul – hungover or not, like classic chicken and waffles with their perfectly fried chicken and maple bourbon coffee sauce.

150-207 Queens Quay West


2 Pie Bar

Life gets complicated with too many options, Pie Bar is simple and has four. Four of the best options. Pizza for breakfast? A dream. Eggs in Purgatory? Sign me up. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes? Yes please! A roman-style breakfast? I can’t. I mean I can, yes. With views of the lake, you can pretend you’re coast-side, while you sip your spritz in a fun, contemporary italian-esque space.

207 Queens Quay West


1 Impact Kitchen

Newly opened in the area, Impact Kitchen has brought us healthy food options that are keto, paleo and vegetarian. Located in Waterpark Place, the casual restaurant may be busy with work lunches during the week, but their weekend brunch is where it’s really at. With a big bright space to hang out with friends by the park (soon to be Love Park) and healthy foods to start your day, weekend brunch will actually make you feel better. With options like the Impact Benny, steak and eggs, smoothies and adaptogen wellness drinks. Even their paleo chicken and waffles will leave you feeling great.

Impact Kitchen, 88 Queens Quay West


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